Smooth Seller Financing

  • 1834 W 146th St apartment
  • 1834 W 146th St apartment
  • 1834 W 146th St apartment
  • 1834 W 146th St apartment

1834 West 146th Street, Gardena
23-Unit Apartment Building

The sale of this 23-unit property in Gardena was another hassle-free transaction for both the Buyer and Seller. Josh has been good friends with this particular Seller for years, and wanted to make sure that he delivered stellar results.

The Cohen Group was able to negotiate an arrangement where the Seller would finance a portion of the sale price to the Buyer, thereby allowing the Seller to still receive a monthly income source for the duration of the loan, which over time increased the total proceeds from the sale. On top of that, Josh was able to coach the Buyer to enter Escrow fully non-contingent, and we closed in only 22 days!

Also, it is critical to have a broker such as Josh on your team who is familiar the intricacies of seller financing. A Note in this instance was needed both for income as well as tool for price acceleration due to the low rents at the property. When done correctly, it’s a win-win for all parties, but can become a real problem if not done correctly. Josh has transacted many deals like this and navigate this process with expertise.

Knowing that the Seller would be interested in a pursuing a Seller-financing option, Josh was able to fine-tune his marketing efforts to specific clients that he knew would be able to meet these unique needs. With several offers in hand from these select, qualified Buyers, Josh was able to help the Seller make a decision on which offer would be perfect. Josh helped to arrange the Note and Deed of Trust with the Seller’s council. . In situations like these where a Seller has a specific need, it is very helpful to have a large list of Buyers that The Cohen Group has personally worked with in the past, and a Seller can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they will perform.

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